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Coming Home

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By Screaming Lamb

A/N:  After reading Hannibal, I found myself pondering many things, one of which was “what’s that poor German guy going to think when he finds out Hannibal Lecter was living in his house?” I attempted to continue with a second chapter, but couldn’t come up with a plot that worked, so it’s complete as it is.

Rated PG, and follows the novel.

The butter-coloured police line greets me when I arrive, flapping in the wind like a fragment of a flag. Otherwise, the house from the outside looks just as I had left it a little over a year ago. I arrived back from Munich six days ago and today I am finally permitted to cross the yellow line and peruse the innards of my home. It is a relief to have this time alone and to be rid of the FBI agents and others who have questioned me incessantly this past week. The officer with the lone patrol car which transported me here remains parked on the far side of the road, apparently “for my protection” if the need should arise. Otherwise, I have the privacy which has been promised me.

It has taken me several readings through both the German and American newspapers to understand what has happened. Even now, I cringe inwardly as I recall the bold headline of that damned National Tattler proclaiming “German Lobbyist Unknowingly Rented House to Hannibal the Cannibal”. At least they had the decency to insert the word “unknowingly”. Continue reading


Snake Eyes

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By IronandSilver

A/N:  I like Mrs. Rosencranz. She needs to appear in more fics.

Age hung heavily over the gloomy lounge. Mrs. Rosencranz nee DuBerry felt it keenly, both her own and that of the antiques lovingly collected here. She ran an elegant hand over the mahogany surface of a nearby occasional table. Her fingertips slid across the smooth veneer, finding the minute cracks that come with age regardless of generations of polish. She had all the polish of a lifetime of Society, yet she knew the cracks in her veneer were showing too, the façade crumbling. Soon, this would all be gone and she would be left with nothing but a name.

She lifted the glass of sherry to her lips and took a sip, savouring the taste and the warmth it ignited within her. She had never considered herself a materialist, although she was aware that some might think otherwise. She felt that she was not defined by her possessions; the accoutrements of wealth and taste that she gathered around herself were kept because of their beauty and their elegance rather than their monetary value. She had never judged a man by the clothes he wore or the car he drove. She simply required that he comport himself with dignity and honesty. And, of course, that he allow her to pursue her own interests in life. Dear Franz, it transpired, had rather less of the former qualities that she had realised. He had, at least, never interfered in her own business, scant comfort though that was now.

No, the antiques here were not her, but it was hard to think of them as not hers. Not hers at all once the account books had been opened and examined. They were friends, these pieces, and next week they would go under the hammer, one by one, and leave her forever. Dear departed friends, just like Franz.

A bitter smile curved her painted lips for an instant. At least these friends could not cost her in gambling debts. Continue reading

Shadows in the Light

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By IronAndSilver/Screaming Ferret
Rating: PG

Timeline: During Hannibal the novel. Follows canon.

Summary: On his deathbed, Jack Crawford is given some time to reflect on his life. I wrote this as a character study for a school assignment.


The pains had begun again.

He rolled over, reaching out and flicking on the bedside lamp, before sinking into the cold embrace of the empty side of the bed.

He stared at the shadows the light cast on the ceiling, the ridged plaster-work finish seeming as vast as the mountains, with minute, inky-black valleys in the lines left by the teeth of the plaster-comb, the ridges like mountain-tops, picked out in light.

The pains had begun again. They came back, loud and familiar, like a family returning after a long vacation. Familiar pains.

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In the Cemetery Where Hannibal Lecter is Buried

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By Nikita

A/N: This is very much based on Amy Hempel‘s short story, “In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried.” That isn’t an easy read, and neither is this. Not because of subject matter but rather, because of writing style. It’s a very ambiguous style and difficult to grasp. I’m sure there will be a lot of you who don’t like this style, and I don’t blame you. Not many people do. And much of this fic comes from that story. If anyone has read it, you’ll see a lot of the original in here. I didn’t want to ruin it but I wanted to put our Hannibal characters in this situation.

Timeline: About 13 years after Hannibal, follows book canon.

There are times when the wolves are silent; there are times when the moon howls. ~~From In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried


“Tell me things I won’t mind forgetting,” Clarice said. “Make it useless stuff or skip it.”

So I did. I told her that Tom Cruise invented Ray Bans to boost his Hollywood image. I told her that the feathers in a goose down comforter come from flamingos, not geese. I told her that tattoos were the leading cause of gingivitis.

But the camera made me self-conscious and I stopped. Staring down at us from its ceiling perch, it reminded me too much of the kinds of cameras banks use to photograph robbers. And that in turn, reminded me of him and of the ten years she was missing from my life and that ended in tragedy for her.

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Tears and Time

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By Cy

This takes place after the alternate ending of ‘Hannibal’ the movie, with references to the book.

Author’s note: This may be a little bit confusing to follow, but it is meant to follow a the style of a person’s thought pattern over an extended period of time. I don’t know if you all have ever stopped and concentrated on your thought patterns, but mine tends to be rather chaotic. So is this story.

She stands at the window, wondering and waiting. She has waited for five years, and she will continue to wait. She will wait for the Hours to cease their endless dance in front of her. She will wait for the seconds to stop ticking. She will wait for the millennia to pass.

“Tell me, Clarice, would you ever say to me, “Stop. If you loved me, you’d stop?”

“Not in a thousand years.”

Not in a thousand years

Why does a thousand years have to be so long? Continue reading

Within Temptation

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By Starlit Skye
Summary: A character piece in which Hannibal and Clarice, in a dance with the morning, meet halfway at last… and find solace within the temptation and insanity that is and will always be, part of their relationship.

A/N: This was written in May of last year, yet aside from showing it to friends, I’ve never posted it anywhere until two weeks ago. Initially an H&C fiction, I changed it to an original work of mine before returning to the source as the characters demanded. This is the last H&C work I wrote before I moved to the Harry Potter fandom.

The first and third part is written from Hannibal’s POV, the second section from Clarice’s. None of the characters are mine, and portions are used from an analysis of the Goldberg Variations, no copyright infringement is intended.

This story is divided into three parts. The first part is madness; the second, anxiety; the third, completion. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

–A Portata di Tentazione–

She rages.

She rages in the dark, rages in the north, rages on and on forevermore.

She rages within me.

I feel her beating, inside of me, familiar rhythm, in and out… in and out. Every time she starts again, a never-ending realm of heart and beat. She is one with me.

I love her more than I had ever known I was capable of. And even when she cries; even when she falls to the floor and burns with fever, or anger, or both, I cannot help adoring the fury, the wrath, the angel. She is immense, and is not aware of it. She fills me whole.

She sometimes freezes when she walks to me. Her steps are even and controlled, and then, within the very same timeframe, she stops, and everything has gone to hell again. She can’t hold her ground then, and she falls. She wants to be strong, this deep roller does. I love her for her strength and her unyielding spirit, her efforts to always try. But she will always fall.

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Wish Fulfillment

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By Lecterchick

She is walking, down a long hall, walking so far her feet hurt from the pressure of heel on marble. The only directions are forward and back. Trouble is, she doesn’t know which is which.

Echoes, footsteps, somewhere behind her. Vague scent of Drakkar and Close-Up toothpaste in the still, still air.

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