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A Steering Wheel Story

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A Collaboration by Running With The Deer, Drandmrslecter


Summary:      Hannibal Lecter finds himself on the short end of a dare. A parody of A Christmas Story.

Timeline:       After the Hannibal novel; follows canon.

Rating:          PG


…with sincere apologies to the late Jean Shepherd.

RWD’s part:

It was December, 1999. My mind swam with visions of the best Christmas gift of all, the Spyderco Official Harpy Knife …and how to overcome the Number One Objection of all the adults around me: “You’ll cut your favorite body part off!”

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What Is Liberty?

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By E. Wicks

Summary:     Ardelia Mapp takes the matter of her missing roommate into her own hands…which exacts a heavy cost. Drama.

Timeline:      After the Hannibal novel; follows novel canon.

Rating:         PG-13 for Violence, swearing, and some sexual references

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters of Dr. Lecter, Clarice Starling, or Ardelia Mapp. I am not doing this for money. I do appreciate feedback and am open to constructive criticism. If you think this sucks let me know, but please find a nice way to say it. I do have feelings. Thanks to the encouragement of those who have already been kind enough to review.


Alex Carter had a splitting headache and the gravel crunching under the tires of his truck wasn’t helping matters. He pulled up to the house and sighed. He was the last one there. Joe and the rest of the crew were waiting outside. Alex grabbed the plans from the seat next to him and got out of the truck. As he walked past he noticed that sign on the driver’s side was starting to peel. “Carter Renovat” just wasn’t going to work as well as “Carter Renovations”. He rubbed a hand over his unshaven jaw and added it to the list of a millions things he had to fix.

“Hey, boss. Glad to see you could join us.” Joe smiled and clapped Alex on the back.

They had been working together for nearly 6 years and Alex could always rely on Joe to give him shit whenever he was late.

“Keep it up, Joe, and maybe I’ll finally replace you. After I kick your ass.”

Joe burst out laughing. He stood a good 5 inches above Alex’s 6’1”, and he had the body mass to go with it. Alex began to smile a little bit and handed Joe the blueprints and the keys to the house.

“Here, take the rest of these monkeys inside. And try not to break anything. I’ll be right behind you.”

“Hey don’t worry, man. We only break what we don’t want to steal.”

Alex chuckled and shook his head as he watched Joe lead them into the silent house.

“Put some coffee on!”

Alex always liked some time to himself at the beginning of a job. To get the feel for the place. Granted this home wasn’t as historic as his usual jobs, but Mr. Meyer was paying more than well and that was all that counted. Mr. Meyer was a German lobbyist of some kind, as a rule Alex tried to steer clear of politics, but he seemed honest enough. Continue reading


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By Rube


Summary:     Hannibal almost loses Clarice.

Timeline:      After the Hannibal novel; follows canon.

Rating:          R


It was another morning spent in Hannibal Lecter’s arms. It was another morning that Clarice Starling Lecter could reflect on her past, her present and her future. It was also times like these, when her husband was asleep, that she could actually touch him. Never, not once when he was awake, did he allow her to hold him, to touch him in even the slightest intimate way. Continue reading

St. Laura

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A collaboration by Rube, Drandmrslecter


Summary:     A “what if” scenario; what if Dr. Lecter had cooked for the widow Pazzi? A collaboration story.

Timeline:       During the Hannibal novel; departs from canon.

Rating:          R


Authors’ Note: We’ve used the name Laura for Mrs. Pazzi because we simply liked it better then the Allegra they used in the movie. Laura was her name in the book.

LAURA (f) Feminine form of the Late Latin name Laurus, which meant “laurel”. In ancient Rome the leaves of laurel trees were used to create victors’ garlands. Saint Laura was a 9th-century Spanish martyr, a nun who was thrown into a vat of molten lead by the Moors. Another famous bearer was Laura Secord, a Canadian heroine during the War of 1812.

RINALDO (m) “advice ruler” from Germanic ragin “advice” and wald “ruler”.

By Rube

Of all the people Doctor Lecter had anticipated to see as he exited the hotel five miles away from the Capponi Library, Laura Pazzi was not on that list. He almost took a start when he saw her standing in front of the building, but caught himself in time. She wore a scarlet blouse and tailored black trousers, pacing anxiously on the sidewalk in the semi dark of that night.

“Mrs. Pazzi?”

She whirled her head around, eyes wide, and Doctor Lecter knew instantly that she had been crying. The redness of her eyes and the streaks of saline on her cheeks were proof enough.

“Doctor Fell…I…” her words caught and she paused briefly to gather herself a breath. “I am sorry to bother you,” she said shortly. Mrs. Pazzi spoke in English as she had when he had first met her at the Opera. Continue reading

The Remains of the Lamb

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By Clevergirl


Summary:     A crossover parody of  “Hannibal” and “Remains Of The Day”.

Timeline:       After Hannibal; departs from canon.

Rating:          PG-13


I suppose if one were to trace the path of events that led to the incident in the butler’s  pantry, one would have to lay the blame squarely  on the planning of the staff rotation. It had been a challenging afternoon in many respects. Lord Darlington was hosting another gathering of guests at the Hall; a veritable Armada of the great and near-great for whom the affairs of the world were a daily responsibility, and although I was of course gratified to be able to serve in my humble capacity as head butler, the morning had revealed that another under-house parlourmaid had run off with yet another second footman and as a result the rotation had needed quick revising. The staff was all at sixes and sevens, working round the clock, and tempers in the kitchen were, I must confess, a bit high. So perhaps I may be forgiven for not thinking with my usual keen insight and clarity.

The real trouble lay, I think, in that with the adjustment of the staff rotation I had not given due consideration to just what the shifting of responsibilities would mean in terms of an added burden to… her. Continue reading

Wolf in the Fold

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By Clevergirl


Summary:     The tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Or is it? A parody.

Timeline:       A parody outside of canon, timeline and the world as we know it.

Rating:          PG-13


Editor’s note:

I’m sure you are all aware that with the incredible upsurge of interest in HANNIBAL, much more scholarly effort has gone into the unearthing of Mr. Thomas Harris’s early writing. Through an extremely circuitous route, I have learned that Harris actually set the groundwork for his later brilliant vision as early as grade school. The following document was recovered from the estate of a certain Ms. Adora Fillposy, Harris’s fifth grade teacher. Ms. Fillposy recognized Harris’s precocious talent immediately, and luckily for our purposes, saved some of his nascent work. She hid it away in a safe deposit box, and when she died last month from certain mysterious complications following surgery, her remaining estate was put in the care of the Matagorda, Mississippi branch of Cox & Company Bank. In my ceaseless effort to bring to light new material (and due to which I am now forced to use only my nom de plume) I have at last this remarkable piece in my possession, and have copied it down here for you. I think you will be as amazed as I was at the ten-year-old writer’s grasp of literary allusion and his preternaturally sophisticated vocabulary. The following is, in fact, young Tom Harris’s version of a well known fairy tale, although for reasons best known to himself, the mature author refuses to acknowledge the work as his own. Continue reading

A Double Life

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By Clevergirl


Summary:     A darkly whimsical speculation on obsession and on the ways that  Dr. Lecter might influence the man who knows him inside and out.

Timeline:       Outside of canon.

Rating:          PG-13


Atop the burnished mantel, a single candle lights the grand piano taking pride of place in the center of the room. A man sits at the piano, playing softly. Within the radius of the flame, the shadowlands of light and dark caress the deep contours of the man’s face. His eyes are closed in an almost meditation as his hands seek out the remaining phrase of a melody that has eluded him all evening. He is alone in the house, and as the last chord falls quiet the only sound he hears is the gentle rolling of the surf outside.

No, that wasn’t it.

He gazes out the big bay window to his left, and sees the far-off lights, and he listens to the night. For the most part he enjoys his solitude, savors his alone-ness. Long ago, long after the bad time, he’d discovered a place of silence deep inside himself. It helped to smooth over the rough spots that were part and parcel of this life he’d chosen. That had chosen him, rather. Continue reading