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What Are the Chances?

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by IronandSilver

A/N: Doesn’t seem to fit in the humour category really, so I’ll put it here. I seem to be having something of a splurge of random fanfic at the moment. Perhaps I’m too stoned to stop writing. I don’t actually know… Anyway. Two friends bump into each other and go for coffee.
Starling caught a glimpse of her reflection in the polished sides of the escalator, and was heartily relieved that she did not look as shocked as she felt. By rights, according to the swooping sensation in her stomach, she ought to be swooning like a Disney princess. She clung grimly to the rail as the implacable rise of the escalator carried her effortlessly past the descending pole-axed expression of Ardelia Mapp on the adjacent stair.

All around her, tinny Christmas music blared its commercial clarion call to the thronging multitude eager to spend their cash in the boutiques and department stores. The tinsel was too cheery, the Santas too jolly, and if Starling hadn’t felt trapped by the press of crowds under one roof before, she did now.

The Serengeti had nothing on a major shopping mall at Christmas. She defied even vast herds of wildebeest to prevail against New York shoppers with two days to go.

There was a commotion at the bottom of the escalator. Someone dared to slip out of the mass of one herd and try to join another, stampeding in a different direction.

Stampeding up, in fact. Starling saw the top of a familiar head and swore, causing a family of three behind her to flinch.

The escalator was too slow, the crowds were too thick and Mapp was far too tough to care about what people thought. She was viciously and calculatedly elbowing her way up the escalator, upsetting shopper and shopping alike.

It just wasn’t fair, Starling thought. One little trip to the Big Apple, one little shopping spree and she passes Mapp on the stairs. Just what was the woman doing in New York anyway? Continue reading


In the Cemetery Where Hannibal Lecter is Buried

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By Nikita

A/N: This is very much based on Amy Hempel‘s short story, “In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried.” That isn’t an easy read, and neither is this. Not because of subject matter but rather, because of writing style. It’s a very ambiguous style and difficult to grasp. I’m sure there will be a lot of you who don’t like this style, and I don’t blame you. Not many people do. And much of this fic comes from that story. If anyone has read it, you’ll see a lot of the original in here. I didn’t want to ruin it but I wanted to put our Hannibal characters in this situation.

Timeline: About 13 years after Hannibal, follows book canon.

There are times when the wolves are silent; there are times when the moon howls. ~~From In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried


“Tell me things I won’t mind forgetting,” Clarice said. “Make it useless stuff or skip it.”

So I did. I told her that Tom Cruise invented Ray Bans to boost his Hollywood image. I told her that the feathers in a goose down comforter come from flamingos, not geese. I told her that tattoos were the leading cause of gingivitis.

But the camera made me self-conscious and I stopped. Staring down at us from its ceiling perch, it reminded me too much of the kinds of cameras banks use to photograph robbers. And that in turn, reminded me of him and of the ten years she was missing from my life and that ended in tragedy for her.

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by A.A. Aaron

Summary:    Clarice and Hannibal support Ardelia’s search for a serial killer. Mystery drama.

Timeline:      A short time after the Hannibal Chapter 102 scene at the Buenos Aires opera. Follows novel canon.

Rating:          PG-13


“Have you read this week’s National Tattler?”

“No, why?” she asked, inserting a bookmark and laying her book aside. “Don’t tell me we’re featured again. Or let me guess – there’s been another Hannibal Lecter sighting, this time in some sleepy English village.”

“Not quite,” said Lecter. “It seems that another serial killer has surfaced with a most interesting modus operandi. Take a look and see if anything strikes you.”

He passed the tabloid to Clarice who leaned back in her chair and started to read the article. Halfway through she glanced at Hannibal who remained passive.  She finished reading and remarked, “A serial killer who partly skins his female victims after they are dead, who skins a different area of each victim’s body, who leaves each body in a different river apparently chosen at random, the first victim’s body weighted down so that it was the third one discovered – it looks like Jame Gumb is making a comeback.”

“Which is a rather remarkable performance for someone who is ten years dead.”

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Better Not Look Down

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By Indreams


Summary:        Clarice comes to a realization, and makes a long overdue decision for herself.

Timeline:          After SOTL. Departs canon.

Rating:             R


Disclaimer: The majority of the characters herein are owned by Thomas Harris.  No infringement is intended.  The characters are used as tribute and not for profit.  Also, some of Ardelia’s dialogue is bastardized from the B.B. King song, “Better Not Look Down”.

Part 1

Clarice sat on the floor of the laundry room with her back to the dryer, much the same as she once did in the barracks at Quantico, only now she was in the duplex she shared with Ardelia Mapp.  The rhythm of the machine did little to clear her head, but sitting against it was better than the alternative.  Beyond the confines of the little room, Clarice had only the FBI.  What was once a lifelong dream, being an FBI agent had become a work of disappointment.

Worse yet, her first assignment, now almost a year passed, left her with feelings she wasn’t able to shake.  Feelings for a serial killer that made her confused and questioning her morality.

She circled her finger through a small pile of spilled laundry detergent on the floor until it was sticky and perhaps permanently scented with ‘mountain spring air’.

It was after 11:00 on Friday night and Clarice had done nothing but laundry all evening.  After emptying both her and Mapp’s hampers, she cleaned her closest and proceeded to wash every stitch of clothing she owned, seeing things she thought she gave to Good Will years ago.  She had even gone so far as to strip the covers off the couch cushions and wash them as well.

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Memories Haunted Her

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By Dark Shadow


Summary:     Clarice and Hannibal are captured, and Clarice comes to some startling realizations about her “friends” at the FBI.

Timeline:       After the Hannibal novel; departs from canon somewhat. Suspenseful drama/romance.

Rating:          R


A loud distant noise awoke Clarice. Looking at her alarm clock, she realized it would not ring for another few hours. Searching for the loud disturbance, she reached her phone. She picked the receiver up slowly.

“Hello?” she tried to mask her grogginess.

“Is this Clarice?”

The voice floated through her mind as she tried to connect it to a face, “yes.”

“Why, hello Clarice. I’m terribly sorry for the late call, it was the only way I could be sure you would be home.”

The face that matched the voice filled her terrified mind. It couldn’t be happening, she put him away.

“Dr. Lecter?” Her voice shook.

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A Shot

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By Dark Shadow


Summary:    The end of a love. Tragic drama.

Timeline:      After the Hannibal movie; departs movie canon and assumes that Clarice joins with Hannibal Lecter at the end of the movie.

Rating:          R


Hannibal watched as his wife stood, cooking in their kitchen. They had escaped the United States a long time ago, and had survived more than two years together. Hannibal smiled to himself and thought about it all; about how the lambs had finally stopped screaming, and how Mischa’s ghost would never haunt his dreams again.

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Last Visits

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By Dark Shadow


Summary:     Clarice and Dr. Lecter are captured and she goes to visit him one last time.  A drama and romance.

Timeline:       After the Hannibal novel; follows canon.

Rating:          R


Clarice picked up her frosty wineglass, and continued to stare out the window to the snowy streets. Her mind was flooded with memories of him, the one man daring enough to tell her everything about herself; and the only one willing to love her.

After a year of living together, they had finally found them. Continue reading